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Who is an investor in a company?

Introduction Every modern enterprise needs capital to start its business, therefore an investment is the best way to run and for the betterment of the enterprise. It is an asset which is purchased to generate income in the future. It is also important for a business to expand, though, even the inflows from the business […]

Laws Governing Comparative Advertisements in India

Introduction Every Company wants to promote their products, services, and brands in different styles. Advertising is the most crucial step in determining product’s future prospects. It is the most advantageous way to catch the attention of the consumers in the market. Speaking legally, there are multiple players in the market focusing on increasing their advertisements and […]

How To Set Up a Microfinance Company

Introduction Microfinance company also known as Micro Finance Institution is a type of institution which provides a small amount of loan up to INR 50,000 primarily in rural and semi-rural areaswhere other banking facilities are not easily accessible. In India, only Non-Banking Finance Companies are allowed to do finance business, but some other institutions are also […]

8 Legal Compliances You Cannot Miss Out On If You Are A Startup

Regulation and compliance are two words that haunt every entrepreneur. Statutory compliances are meant to ensure that there is uniformity in conformation with a rule, specification, policy or standard mandated by law. Due to an increasing number of startups, the need for operational transparency has also seen a significant hike in the past decade. To […]

Law of Sedition in India

In this article, Sudarshna Thapa of Law College Dehradun, Uttaranchal University discusses the enforceability of law of sedition in India. Introduction Every citizen has been given freedom to speak and express their views under Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian Constitution. However, this freedom is not absolute and some reasonable restrictions have been imposed on freedom […]

Parliamentary Privileges and Immunities

In this article, Sheetal Sharma of School of law, KIIT university discusses parliamentary privilege and laws governing parliamentary privileges in India. Introduction Parliamentary privileges are defined in Article 105 of the Indian Constitution. The members of Parliment are exempted from any civil or criminal liability for any statement made or act done in the course […]

Best business structure for incorporating your E-Commerce Business

This article is written by team LegalWiz. E-commerce industry has achieved remarkable growth since half a decade in India. The step of planning the business is achievable by the promoters in no time because of their proficiency in the field. The business model is when finalised, next step will be to get the business on […]

Why Can’t Law Firms Handle Fair Comment and Free Speech

I got another email from a law student asking me to remove the internship experience he had shared on Lawctopus. The law firm had asked him to do so. Why? Because among the 400 good words he had written about the firm, there were 50 not so good words. This has happened earlier too. Law firms guard […]

Regulation for Professional Misconduct by Doctors

Professional Misconduct: Definition Professional misconduct by doctors is such conduct which is considered disgraceful or dishonorable by other doctors of good repute and competence. [1] It is also called Infamous Conduct. Law governing professional misconduct by doctors The Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 empowers MCI (Medical Council of India) to make regulations for the professional […]

Can arbitration solve competition law disputes?

In this article, Rajvansh Singh discusses whether arbitration can solve competition law disputes or not. Today, arbitration is considered to be one of the most popular means of dispute resolution. By adding a midnight clause private parties waive their right to approach national courts. The private nature of arbitration often raises a question that whether […]